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Black Cat Earlyreads Level 4: Halloween Party with Audio CD Книги для чтения Black Cat Earlyreads Level 4
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Black Cat Earlyreads Level 4: Halloween Party with Audio CD

Автор: Ruth Hobart
ISBN: 9788853007100
Издательство: Cideb
Книги для чтения Black Cat Earlyreads Level 4
Год издания: 2008
Формат: 32 page
Возраст: Дошкольное обучение
Комплектация: Книга для чтения с аудио диском
Доставка: Самовывоз, курьером, почтой. Подробнее >>
Цена: 530.00 руб.

Level 4 is 300 headwords

Ruth Hobart

Cultural reader

A Halloween Party, with its splendid illustrations and exciting activities, captures children’s attention and holds it. They will look forward to making their own cat-shaped mobile, a puzzle, playing a board game and doing other Halloween-related activities at home and in class!
During the last few years Halloween has become much more popular, thanks to television, cinema and comics. Every child knows about this typically Anglo-Saxon festivity so why not combine language learning with fun-filled activities?
Children will be happy to meet the Beast family and Sammy the Skeleton, who desperately want to go to the Halloween party, and travel through the desert, cross a river and climb a mountain to get there. Crazy Cat will give children quite a lot to think about in the ghostly cemetery, and Winnie the Witch will take them to an authentic witches’ party in the middle of the forest, where they can sing the witches’ song.

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